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todayingeek returns to give you tech news we will reveal our big project very soon  until then we will continue to give you tech news our live streams have stopped we will do a live stream on Friday at 7:00 pm eastern time.Image




i will be doing a screen cast soon

new club penguin app out

Screen Shot 2013-05-09 at 2.12.48 AM


new play and catalog at the stage

new newspaper you can see in upcoming until next time waddle on

i am back giving you cheats coverage and tracking with maybe the rest of the team

so follow me on twitter @ryan11587

like me on  facebook at the penguin people

go to older entries for more trackers and cheats

status offline

server offline

room offline

club penguin cheatsclub penguin cheatsclub penguin cheats

now there is a new  game  called spy drills


IT Is in the lodge attic